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Michigan state sex offender

In 2008, the Michigan Legislature permitted removal of michigan state sex offender’s information from OTIS after three years had elapsed from the discharge date. If an offender resumes supervision with the MDOC, all public records will be available on the website until three years has again elapsed from the discharge date of the most recent MDOC jurisdiction or supervision term. What are the terms and conditions of its use? Michigan Courts, the Michigan State Police or other law enforcement agencies.

OTIS does not exclusively display information on convicted felons. It provides information on felons and misdemeanants who are, or were, under the supervision of the MDOC. Michigan Legislature Web site where the actual statute the offender was convicted of violating is presented. I have read and understand the information above. By clicking within this box to proceed, I agree to the terms and limitation as stated. The list below contains links to the public registry Websites maintained by the individual registry Jurisdictions.

Use of this website constitutes your understanding and agreements to these and other terms of use. Disclaimer regarding material contained and presented on this site. This website was created to give the public an easy and quick way to locate Sex Offenders in each state around the USA. You will find the most accurate and complete list of websites for each state’s sex offendor registry. Sexual predators, sex offenders and criminals can all be found from here.